Before coming to Arunachal Pradesh one must get the Inner Line Permit from designated offices mentioned  in 'How to rich Tawang' page  of this site or apply online at www.arunachalilp.com.

Day 1
Tawang Monastery: - The Tawang monastery is one of the oldest and biggest Buddhist monasteries of Asia, constructed about 350 years ago in 17th century A.D. as per the foundation stone laid by his holiness Mera Lama Lodre Gyaltso in the advice of his holiness the 5th Dalai Lama. It is situated about two kilometers west of Tawang township and even visible from Tawang town. Its gates remain open for the visiters from dawn to dusk everyday.

The Tawang Monastery Museum: - It is within the compound of Tawang Monastery. There are many age-old items to be seen relating to Tawang Monastery and Monpa people of Tawang.

Tawang rope way:- Cable car between Tawang monastery and Gyanggong Ani Gonpa Nunnery.

The Tawang War Memorial: -   It is a beautiful Stupa dedicated to the memory of those brave soldiers who made Supreme Sacrifices of their life in 1962 the Indo-Chinese war. It is within Tawang township and about one kilometer south-east of Old Market, Tawang.

Bramdunchung and Gyanggong Monasteries: - These are Monasteries of Buddhist Nuns. The Tawang Ropeway between Gyanggong Ani monastery and Tawang monastery ( which is not functioning due to man power problem).

Sangeling monastery also called Jamyangchoikorling Monastery:- This monastery is near Tawang Helipad  and you can also have view of Monpa villages from there apart from its own holy view of Buddhist Idols.

There are so many other monasteries like Urgyiling Gonpa, the birth place of his holiness the 6th Dalai Lama ( 4kms south of Tawang town near Maruti Service Station) and Khinmey Gonpa, the monastery of Nyingmapa  Sect etc..

The Craft Center and Handicraft Emporium: - These are located within Tawang Township about one and half kilometers from Old Market towards south (Closed on Saturday & Sunday because of non-working day).

Day 2

Note:- It is advised to take some snacks or biscuits along with tea or juices/ drinking water  with you since it will be too late for your lunch back at Tawang because of long tour circuit.

P.T. Tso Lake(Pangkangteng Tso Lake):- It is a beautiful lake situated about 11 kilometers North of Tawang town.

TsokyoLakeand Driwatsang Lake: - These lakes and many other lakes are situated on the way between P.T.tso Lake and Madhuri Lake.

Jo-ngatserLake(Erroneously called as Madhuri Lake):- This Lake is formed due to sliding down of mountain rocks thereby blocking the Jonga-tser river, supposedly during the year 1972.  So, it has many standing dead trees inside its water.  It is about 43 kilometers northwest of Tawang  and 15 Kms west of Y –junction which is the bifurcation way point for Bumla pass also.

Taktsang Gonpa (Tigers Den Monastery):- It is a very old monastery constructed at a place which was visited and meditated by Guru Padmasambhava in 8th Century A.D. It is about 45 kilometers northwest of Tawang town and about 3 kilometers from Madhuri Lake.

Bumla Pass: - It is one of the place where you can see Mcmohan Line i.e. Indo-Chinese border. It is about 35 kilometers north-side from Tawang town and 15 Kms from a place called Y-Junction which is the bifurcation way point for Madhuri Lake (Jo-ngatser Lake) also. There are so many beautiful lakes on way between Y-junction & Bumla passnamely Kelemtatso lake & Khamakher lake etc. It is good to take some snacks/ biscuits and drinking water with you.


If somebody want extend one more day's tour program then one can visit the following sites:-


Gorzam Chhorten (Stupa):- It is a very big and old stupa built around 700 years ago and is a replica of Beyui Chhorten Stupa of Katmandu in Nepal. It is about 88 kilometers from Tawang town towards west. To visit, you should drive down about 8 Kms from Tawang town in the Tawang- Bomdila road to a place called Lemberdung O-Point and turn right. This is the road to Lumla town and Zemithang town. The Gorzam Stupa is located 2 kms before reaching Zemithang town.


BTK waterfall: - This is most dazzling waterfall of Tawang which cascades from about 100 feet and is at 85 Kms from Tawang on Tawang- Zemithang road.

Lumla Dolma Lhakhang:A huge statue of Jetsun Dolma (TARA DEVI) with prayer hall underneath. It is located at Lumla about 45 Kms from Tawang on way to Gorzam Chorten stupa.  


One day Compact Tour
 One can plan your tour programme of only one day also by selecting few places like Jo-ngatser lake, P.T.Tso lake, Tsokyo lake and Manbagyalem-Plartsang lake etc. and also Tawang Monastery, Tawang monastery museum, Tawang War memorial and Handicraft emporium etc. but your programme will be bit hactic and so, it should be started early i.e. latest by 8 A.M. carrying some snacks/biscuits and drinking water etc.

Places to see on way to Tawang from Bomdila

  1. Fongfongma or Jang waterfall: - Also known as the Nurangnang waterfall near Jang Power House is a very beautiful waterfall about 35 Kms from Tawang town towards east after crossing TawangChu river but before reaching Jang town, on the wayside of Tawang – Bomdila road. It can be visited on the way while coming to Tawang or while going from Tawang. The six megawatt hydro- electric Power house near the waterfall is also worth seeing.
  2. Jaswant Garh: - On journey to Tawang from Bomdila or from Tawang to Bomdila, you can visit this place. It is the place where Jaswant Singh Rana, a  soldier from Indian army who fought single handedly with the Chinese for 72 hours long in 1962 war and made Supreme sacrifice of his life. It is situated about 1 hour drive after crossing Jang town while going back from Tawang or 45 minutes drive after crossing Sela Pass ( Zela Pass) while coming from Bomdila.
  3. Sela Pass (Zela Pass):- The Sela Pass (Zela Pass) is the ‘Zela’ Mountain’s Gateway to Tawang. It is at the of 13700 feet above sea level. The name ‘Sela’ is a misnomer and is wrong to believe that it is named after the bravery story of a son of an army officer or the girl friend of Jaswant Singh, as claimed by some. The name ‘Zela’ is the correct name and is given by the native people from time immemorial which means high mountain ridge. 
  4. Sela Lake (Zela Lake):- It is a very beautiful lake situated near Sela Pass towards Tawang side.